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Improvement to Mt Edgecombe Interchange Road Lighting

The Problem

The Mt Edgecombe Interchange is being upgraded to meet future traffic volume capacities and alleviate congestion on the road networks, namely the national route N2 and municipal road M41. In addition to the structural and geometric upgrade changes to the interchange, an energy efficient lighting system with telemanagement capabilities is being implemented to allow safe passage of motorists and pedestrians (along a new pedestrian bridge) through the interchange.

Our Role

SMEC is providing engineering design and site supervision services for the structural and geometric upgrades of the Mt Edgecombe interchange. The scope includes specialised electrical and lighting services for a new energy efficient lighting installation for the proposed upgraded four-tiered interchange.

SMEC’s services include:

  • Project management for electrical scope of works
  • Contract management
  • Design of a new street lighting installation for the new interchange, inclusive of supporting LV reticulation and MV distribution networks powering the installation
  • Design of a new 800kVA MV distribution substation including electrical and civil aspects
  • Lighting design simulation and modelling
  • Completion of technical specifications
  • Completion of procurement documents, separate sub-contract was issued specifically for the nominated subcontractor under the principal contract
  • Bid evaluations of electrical works
  • Construction supervision
  • Detailed materials inspection
  • Site testing of lighting levels and details inspection reports
  • Project close out

Project Overview

The project considers lighting the on/off ramps of national road N2 and municipal road M41 to SANS 10098-1 Highest A1 Category lighting specifications, based on SANS 10098-2 specifications for interchange lighting, and adaptation lighting to roads with lower or no lighting.

No lighting is to be installed on the N2 as this will be implemented at a later stage. Additionally, lighting is to be provided for a pedestrian sidewalk and pedestrian bridge passing through the interchange to a minimum average lux level of 10 lux with an overall uniformity of 40%.

The scope of work includes:

  • Lightning and earthing protection of the bridge structures due to the relative height above nearby surrounding objects.
  • Construction and commissioning of an 11kV distribution substation building for 800kVA capacity with all associated control, protection and metering gear according to the standards of the Local Supply Authority and 11kV RMU and 800kVA 11kV/3.3kV transformer on the consumer end in the structure.
  • Installation of 11 x 100kVA 3.3kV/400V mini-substations to power the interchange lighting installation.
  • The installation of 3.3kV MV and LV reticulation networks that are additionally encased in concrete to reduce theft and vandalism of the cables.
  • The installation of 15m hinged masts and 4.5m to 10m poles to which energy efficient LED luminaires are mounted.
  • The testing and commissioning of the entire electrical (MV and LV systems) and lighting installations.

The lighting installation consists of 510 LED luminaires amounting to estimated CO2 emissions per annum of 401,500 kWh (433 Tons CO2).

The estimated duration of the project is October 2014 – March 2020.

Digital and Innovation

Digital technology was used in the design process, where lighting design simulations were generated using DIALux 12.4 (a lighting software tool). The results from these simulations were then used and modelled in AutoCAD lighting designs.

Key Benefits

The lighting installation makes use of energy efficient LED luminaires while providing lighting levels that are compliant to lighting level standards, thus providing a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians commuting through the fast moving interchange.

Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa
Technical Area:
Power & Energy
SANRAL SOC LTD (Eastern Region)

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