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Inventory & Warehouse Optimisation Program

Our Role

SMEC was contracted to optimise the Inventory and Warehouse functions at one of the client's manganese operations located in Australia.

The scope of work consisted the review of the interactions between the Work Management function and on-site warehouse locations before, during and after a major system upgrade.

SMEC also managed the agreed outcomes from a management workshop to establish:

  • Areas for improvement
  • Costs and saving
  • Processes for the transition to the new system.

Key deliverables provided:

  • Significant improvement in Delivered In-Full, On-Time (DIFOT)
  • Increased stock level accuracy
  • Alignment of roles and responsibilities
  • Improved internal knowledge and collaboration
  • Accurate planning to drive demand
  • Improved labour utilisation
  • Improved efficiency for internal and external stakeholders.

Project Overview

With two manganese operations producing assets located in Australia and South Africa, our client is a world leader in the seaborne supply of manganese ore and a global producer of manganese alloy. Manganese is an indispensable element in the manufacturing of steel, which in turn is an essential material in many industries including construction and transportation.Its use in the steel making process results in increased strength, resistance and machine-ability.

Technical Area:

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