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Kabulnan-2 Multi-Purpose Irrigation and Power Project (K2MIPP)

Our Role

SMEC was engaged by the Government of the Philippines, through the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) to update and validate the 2007 feasibility study, conducted by the NIA.

This study covers the technical, financial and economic aspects of the project including an environmental study, vulnerability assessments, sustainability plans, institutional analysis and alternative financing schemes.

SMEC also prepared the Value Engineering/Value Analysis (VE/VA) Study which outlined alternative options, associated costs, benefits and risks involved and alternative financing options of various implementation schemes.

Project Overview

The Kabulnan-2 Multipurpose Irrigation and Power Project (K2MIPP), implemented by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), is a multi-use infrastructure project consisting of irrigation, water supply, and hydroelectric generation facilities utilising the potential of the Kabulnan River.

The overall objective of the project is to increase agricultural productivity in the provinces of Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao. This will be achieved through the provision of a continuous water supply for irrigation to over 19,600 hectares of agricultural land.

The K2MIPP will also deliver 735 GWh of hydroelectric power generation for the Mindanao Grid and provide water for domestic use to residents of nearby municipalities.

This project comprises the construction of a storage dam, a transbasin tunnel, a regulating dam and canal systems.

Technical Area:
National Economic Development Authority

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