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Kaiso-Tonya Fort Portal-Nkenda Feasibility Study

Our Role

SMEC delivered a feasibility study including the review of existing power system studies and load forecasts; load forecasting; generation expansion planning; supply-demand analysis; network analysis; line routing and selection; land surveying; geotechnical assessments; preliminary designs and quantity surveying. SMEC also provided a detailed Environment Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment and a Resettlement Plan.

Project Overview

With the recent discovery of commercially viable quantities of oil in the Albertine Region, an Independent Power Producer (IPP) intends to develop a 50 MW thermal power plant at Kaisotonya, with the ability to upgrade to 150 MW in the future.

As part of the development, a 270 km long 132 kV transmission line will be constructed from Kaisotonya to Fort Portal and Nkenda for the onward transmission of the generated power to the load centres of Fort Portal, Kasese, Mbarara, Masaka, Northern Tanzania and Rwanda. Associated works include new substations at Kaisotonya and Fort Portal and extension of the existing substation at Nkenda.

This project involves undertaking a feasibility study to establish the technical, financial and environmental viability of the project and secure funding.

Technical Area:
Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited

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