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Kameng Hydropower Project

Our Role

SMEC provided consulting services over a 10 year period. SMEC’s services included detailed design, construction assistance, commissioning, and learning and development.

Project Overview

The project involved the development of a 600 MW hydropower plant in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, India.

The project utilised the waters of the Bichom and Tenga rivers which rise in the Himalayas.

The main features of the project included:

  • A 70 m high concrete gravity dam on the Bichom River, with a design flood discharge of 9,215 m3/s over a Ogee shaped sluice spillway with six radial gates
  • A 24.5 m high concrete gravity dam on the Tenga River, with a flat crest concrete spillway incorporating two radial gates
  • A surface power station, housing 4 x 150 MW Francis turbines
  • A horse-shoe shaped concrete lined headrace tunnel (14.5 km in length and 6.7 m diameter) with design discharge of 140 m3/s connecting Bichom Dam to Tenga Dam and onwards to a 6 km surge shaft
  • A 2.2 km long penstock, consisting of two steel lined tunnels leading to the powerhouse
Technical Area:

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