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Kerian Hydroelectric Project

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to provide engineering consultancy services covering civil, structural, mechanical and electrical works.

Project Overview

To help increase the total hydropower capacity of Peninsular Malaysia, one of the main objectives of the Perak State Government was to identify, design, develop and operate hydropower schemes on the Kerian-Selama river network.

The Kerian Hydroelectric Project utilises a 90 km2 catchment area, consisting of two interconnected schemes, namely Bintang and Kerian.

The Bintang Powerhouse comprises two 4 MW capacity Pelton turbine units. The Kerian Powerhouse comprises two 3.5 MW capacity Turgo turbine units.

Combined, both schemes will generate a total capacity of 14 MW and include:

  • A diversion weir
  • Intake and outlet structures
  • A settling basin
  • Water conveyance system including open canal, penstock and tunnel
  • Water control gates
  • Power stations
  • Access road and associated infrastructure
  • Turbine inlet valves, turbines, generator, lifting facilities, outlet gates
  • Mechanical auxiliaries, electrical auxiliaries and transmission lines.
Technical Area:
Kerian Energy Sdn Bhd

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