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Kigali Master Plan 2050

Building a platform to launch Kigali 2050

Known as ‘Kigali Yacu!’, translated as ‘Our Kigali!’, the new Kigali Master Plan 2050 introduces a more equitable, flexible and incremental approach to city development, aligned with UNHABITAT principles and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It will guide Kigali city planners in their plans to accommodate a population of 3.8 million residents and provide 1.8 million jobs by 2050.

Together with our parent company Surbana Jurong, SMEC is helping Kigali to enhance and update the master plan created by Surbana Jurong to make Kigali a City for Citizens. Bringing the residents into a collaborative review process was key. A wide variety of communication channels including meetings, planning displays, public announcements, social media and
WhatsApp were utilised to engage as many residents as possible in the feedback process.

We supported this review with new and enhanced information and data from additional socio-economic and demographic studies. This was an unprecedented opportunity to further develop the existing master plan with new primary and secondary data from detailed socio-economic analysis, household and market surveys, and modelling for a city-wide transport plan.

This is a key milestone for a country aiming to position itself as the center of excellence for innovative and inclusive urban planning in Africa. The new master plan supports sustainable economic growth and community wellbeing by promoting mixed-use development and efficient land use, providing for an integrated infrastructure and transport network, and
ensuring equal access to essential services, housing, public facilities, open spaces and transportation.

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Urban Planning and Design

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