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Latif-14 Wellhead

Our Role

OMV engaged SMEC Oil & Gas (a SMEC subsidiary) to perform detailed engineering of the Latif-14 wellhead.

The project scope of work includes:

  • Detailed design of Latif-14 wellhead surface facilities
  • A 10 km long flowline from the Latif-14 wellhead to gas gathering manifold at Latif North-1
  • Tie-in arrangements with the existing facility at Latif North-1.

Project Overview

OMV (Pakistan) Exploration G.m.b.H (OMV) operates a number of natural gas facilities in Pakistan.

OMV and its joint venture partners signed a development and production lease for the development of Latif GasField.

The development comprises drilling of new wells and construction of a 50 km pipeline to transport gas produced at Latif, to the OMV operated Sawan Gas Plant (a state-of-the art sour gas processing plant) for processing, before delivery to customers.

Latif Gas Field is currently producing approximately 110 million standard cubic feet of raw gas per day (MMSCFD) from its Latif-1, Latif-2, Latif North-1, Latif-5, Latif-6, Latif-7, Latif-9 and Latif-10 wells.

Technical Area:
Resources & Industry
OMV (Pakistan) Exploration G.m.b.

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