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Lesotho Electricity Company Engineering and Construction Supervision

The Problem

The existing Khukhune substation is at the end of a weak spur from Eskom’s Clarens network. With upgrades planned for the Letseng diamond mine, a more secure supply is needed. The solution is to create an interconnector between the existing 132kV LEC network from Maputsoe to Muela and the new Khukhune 132 / 88kV substation extension. In addition, several upgrades are required to the general LEC distribution network.

Our Role

SMEC is providing engineering and site supervision, as well as a project management Institutional Study.

Services include:

  • Project management
  • Contract management
  • Design of a new 132 kV yard at Khukhune Substation including electrical and civil aspects
  • Design of a new 8 km 132 kV double circuit overhead line including electrical and civil aspects
  • Electrical and civil refurbishment of 13 switching stations
  • Design review of 33 kV line design
  • Construction supervision of the 33 kV lines
  • Secondary plant design including protection and control
  • Completion of technical specifications
  • Completion of tender documents
  • Bid evaluations
  • Construction supervision
  • Project close out
  • Project Management Institutional Study

Project Overview

Lesotho suffers from limited and dilapidated power infrastructure and inadequate electricity production which continues to be one of the major constraints to expansion of electricity access in the country. The transmission and distribution system is severely constrained due to obsolete equipment and lack of maintenance, coupled with high losses due to lack of upgrades and rehabilitation of the power infrastructure. Additionally, the Government of Lesotho has taken a significant step in the involvement of private investment by facilitating development of a 20MVA solar farm which was completed in 2018. Increasing the transfer capacity and reliability of the network will be necessary to profit from this new supply.

The proposed project therefore aims to upgrade and rehabilitate the distribution system and other related facilities to meet the transmission and distribution requirements during base and peak loads, and to accommodate the additional generation from the 20MVA solar farm.

Duration of the project is from January 2019 – January 2021.

Key Benefits

The project will provide significant improvements to the quality of electricity supply to almost one third of the population of Lesotho, since the 33kV line upgrades and the upgrades to the electrical switching stations reach a large part of Maseru and the central highlands area. Enabling the upgrades to the Letseng diamond mine will also assist in GDP growth.

Technical Area:
Power & Energy
Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC)

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