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Lira-Gulu-Nebbi-Arua Transmission Line

Our Role

SMEC has been awarded a consultancy services contract with Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (UETCL) to undertake a Feasibility Study which includes:

  • A 30 year load forecast
  • Line route selection, geology and topography studies
  • Assessments of conductor and voltage levels
  • Power system studies
  • Detailed feasibility designs and layout of all the substations
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Preparation of Project Implementation Plan (PIP)

Project Overview

The Government of Uganda intends to extend the national grid to the West Nile region of Uganda and increase the transmission capacity in the Northern region. This is part of the Government’s efforts to meet the growing demand for electricity and improve both the coverage and reliability of electricity supply in the region.

The proposed Lira-Gulu-Nebbi-Arua transmission line extends approximately 350 km from the existing Lira substation to the new 132/33kV substations in Gulu, Nebbi and Arua.

Funded by the World Bank, this project involves undertaking feasibility studies for the transmission lines and associated substations to establish the technical, financial and environmental viability of the project. The feasibility report will form the basis upon which the investment decision will be made.

Technical Area:
Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd

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