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Logan Enhancement Project

Project Overview

The A$512 million Logan Enhancement Project (LEP) in South East Queensland is an example of sustainable design delivering improved safety and connectivity for the community.

The construction of the new 15 km motorway required 10,000 tonnes of steel and used 454,000 tonnes of asphalt. The innovative pavement design using EME2 asphalt, a new high modulus asphalt technology, reduced the amount of asphalt required by 30%.

The LEP has provided a safer and more efficient motorway network through reduced local traffic congestion, shortened travel times and improved accessibility for residents and businesses. These improvements have also contributed to the approval of a number of new commercial and property developments.

The Design phase of the project was recognised by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia and achieved an ‘excellent’ Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating and it was also the first Project in Queensland to achieve a ‘leading’ IS rating.

The SMEC GHD Design Joint Venture also received the Gold Award for Project Excellence at the Consult Australia Awards 2020 for their innovative design on this project.

Our Role

SMEC and joint venture partner GHD was responsible the design of the Logan Enhancement Project (LEP) to upgrade parts of the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways in Queensland. The project involved upgrading four kilometres of the Logan Motorway and 10 kilometres of the Gateway Extension motorway, improving key congestion hot spots, constructing new south-facing ramps at one junction, constructing 18 bridges and laying approximately 500,000 tons of asphalt all under live motorway conditions.

In addition, the LEP was located within the Queensland Government’s designated ecological and conservation corridor (or green belt) linking the Karawatha Forest to the Flinders Range. During the project planning process, Transurban actively engaged the community and established a successful Environmental Reference Group to ensure sustainability and environment targets were identifies.

The final design incorporated multiple innovative features to maintain and enhance fauna connectivity, including:

  • fauna overpasses and underpasses
  • refuge poles and fauna-safe fencing
  • rope bridges and landscaping suitable for squirrel gliders
  • a waterway link from the Berrinba Wetlands through the culverts under the Logan Motorway, Wembley Road off-ramp and across Wembley Road
  • fauna warning signage to increase driver awareness
  • plantings to encourage fauna movements.

Strong collaboration across the design process, from commencement to implementation, enabled all parties to make ‘best for project decisions’ that led to excellent outcomes for the natural environment, local community and Queensland economy.

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