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Mehar Condensate Transportation

Our Role

SMEC Oil & Gas (a SMEC subsidiary) was engaged as engineering design consultant responsible for:

  • Detailed engineering services
  • Dynamic Flow Assurance and Surge Analysis of condensate pipeline
  • Operability and Maintainability Analysis
  • Constructability Review
  • Noise and Illumination Study
  • Lightening Risk Assessment
  • Architectural and detailed drawings of buildings, access roads, civil layouts, foundation and structural detail drawings
  • Material requisitions
  • 3D modelling
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Development of pre‑commissioning and commissioning manuals

Project Overview

OMV Pakistan (OMV) recently acquired the Mehar Block in the Sindh Province and is developing the Mehar Gas Processing Facility (GPF).

OMV intends to transport Mehar condensate from the Mehar GPF through a six inch diameter, 60 km long carbon steel pipeline to the Tharari Mohabbat Condensate Receiving Facility (CRF).

At the CRF, storage, loading and injection facilities will be developed to inject the condensate into an existing cross-country crude oil pipeline. From CRF, the remaining condensate will be transported to refineries.

The project scope of work includes detailed engineering of the condensate storage, loading and injection facilities at Tharari Mohabbat CRF, the 60 km long carbon steel pipeline, the condensate transfer pump and associated tie-ins.

Technical Area:
Resources & Industry
OMV Pakistan

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