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Nenggiri Hydropower Project

Project Overview

In 1986 a feasibility study was undertaken to investigate the possibility of the Nenggiri Hydroelectric project. In 2005, the project proponent, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), engaged SMEC to update the project’s viability. SMEC carried out several studies, which culminated in a decision by TNB in 2016 to commence design of the project.

The project comprises an 88 m high roller-compacted concrete dam, a 56 m high saddle dam, a 29 m high re-regulating dam and a surface power station. The power station has 2 x 150 MW generators exporting power to the main 275 kV transmission system.

Approximately 1,100 people will require resettling and the project scope includes the construction of two new townships with associated infrastructure such as roads, electricity reticulation, water and sewerage. Rubber plantations will also be established to provide an income source for the resettled people.

When completed, the dam will create a storage reservoir of some 5,400 Ha and provide 600 GWh of energy annually.

Our Role

In July 2016, TNB engaged SMEC to provide engineering services for the project, including:

  • project re-appraisal
  • tender design
  • detailed design
  • assistance with tender evaluation
  • project management
  • supervision of construction
  • commissioning

Technical Services and Innovation

The saddle dam is located on cavernous limestone which has required extensive grouting works to be designed, to seal potential leakage paths beneath the dam.

The re-regulating dam has a unique stepped spillway design which smooths out large flow fluctuations from the main powerhouse. This allows the project to be optimised to generate valuable peaking energy without impacting the downstream community by releasing large flow fluctuations.

Technical Area:
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

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