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New Khanki Barrage

Our Role

SMEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Provision of all required surveys and investigations
  • Review civil, mechanical and electrical designs (and updating as required)
  • Construction supervision and contract management
  • Ensuring compliance with the resettlement plan, environmental management plan and all technical specifications

Project Overview

This Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project involves construction of a new barrage at Khanki, approximately 300 m downstream of the existing weir on the Chenab River.

The project scope of work comprises:

  • Main gated weir
  • New regulator for the Lower Chenab Canal comprising six 9 m bays
  • Barrage with two abutments and 62 piers
  • A 1.3 km bridge over the main barrage with two fish ladders either side for fish migration
  • River training works for the existing Khanki head works
  • Extension of guide banks by approximately 300 m
  • Construction of four sloping studs to the left of the barrage to protect from erosion.
  • Upgrade of approximately 35 km of existing approach roads (under a separate contract)
Technical Area:
Punjab Irrigation Department

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