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Nuku'alofa Urban Roads and Drainage Study

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to develop a study of urban infrastructure, which comprised:
  • Production of innovative solutions for surface water drainage for the flat low lying areas
  • Field testing of existing pavement
  • Traffic surveys including intersections, accidents, and network flow patterns; verification of the topographic grid control benchmarks
  • Examination of existing service networks including water supply, electricity and telecommunications
  • Production of all designs and drawings
  • Recommendations for future development of the capital's infrastructure

Project Overview

The capital of Tonga, Nuku'alofa, had suffered from severe traffic congestion and a poor surface water drainage system, due to an inadequate urban road infrastructure.

This project comprised a detailed study of existing urban infrastructure in order to prepare a comprehensive report for future development.

Project scope of work included:

  • Concept design urban drainage
  • Detailed designs for 20km of urban roads including pavement, intersections, traffic management systems and underground drainage
  • Detailed plans of existing public services including water supply, electricity supply and the telecom.

Technical Area:
Ministry of Works

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