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Power Sector Improvement Project

Our Role

SMEC prepared tender design for a bid to the Samoa Electric Power Corporation.

Our scope of work included:

  • Tender design and estimation of quantities for raising the dam, pump station, outlet structure, weir, pipeline and the addition of an annex to the existing power house
  • Calculation of the speed and pressure rise for the new generating unit
  • Calculation of pressure transients in the pump station pipeline
  • Coordination and collation of equipment technical data for input into the bid document
  • Clarification of owner’s queries during tender evaluation.

Project Overview

This project will help to improve the capacity of the power sector in order to meet growing electricity demand, and improve quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of power supply in Samoa.

Project scope of work comprised:

  • Installation of a third generating unit and power house extension in the existing Ta’elefaga Power Station
  • Raising of Afulilo Dam
  • Construction of a new pump station, concrete weir and 5.6 km of new pipeline
  • Restoration and upgrade of transmission line from 22 kv to 66 kv
  • Upgrade of communication systems serving the existing power stations on Upolu Island.
Technical Area:
Samoa Electric Power Corporation

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