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Resettlement Action Plan Development

Our Role

SMEC was engaged by MCA-Malawi to prepare a Resettlement Action Plan in relation to the IDP.

SMEC conducted a survey with people whose livelihood may be affected by the project and based on these findings developed Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs) and Livelihood Restoration Plans (LRPs).

SMEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Survey administration, initial scoping and early resettlement planning
  • Formulation of compensation
  • Development of a framework for benefits and asset valuation
  • Community consultation
  • Identification of resettlement and livelihood restoration measures
  • Preparation of resettlement database and videography
  • Development of grievance redress mechanisms
  • Development of a monitoring and evaluation framework for RAPs and LRPs
  • Preparation of an implementation plan.

Project Overview

Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi (MCA-Malawi) developed a Compact which aims to benefit one million people, by providing investments for projects in the power sector.

The Malawi Compact is a single-sector program designed to:

  • Increase the availability, reliability, and quality of power
  • Stimulate economic growth
  • Reduce poverty

The Infrastructure Development Project (IDP) is responsible for improving power supply, and will rehabilitate, upgrade and modernise the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi’s (ESCOM) generation, transmission and distribution assets. This will improve transmission capacity, and increase the efficiency and sustainability of hydropower generation.

The IDP will have a bearing on the land owners, livelihoods and the residents inhabiting the project area as some involuntary resettlement and land acquisition is expected.

Technical Area:
Education, Governance and Government Advisory
Millennium Challenge Account - Malawi

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