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Road Safety Audit in Zanzibar

The Problem

The island of Zanzibar has many poor-quality roads and high vehicle accident rates. As a result, the Zanizibar Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation is upgrading four key roads.

However, road traffic accidents often increase on newly constructed roads because vehicles travel at higher speeds as a result of improved riding quality, thereby increasing the likelihood of accidents. Furthermore, new roads attract more vehicles and people movements, again heightening the risk of road accidents. Lack of safety considerations in design and lack of education on road safety matters exacerbates the problem.

Our Role

To increase road safety awareness, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation has engaged SMEC to help identify road safety design problems and evaluate implementation of safety measures. SMEC is also delivering safety awareness campaigns in schools and villages situated along the road projects.

Project Overview

The project scope includes:

  • undertaking road safety audits at three stages of project implementation
  • building road safety capacity among our client’s employees, and
  • delivering a safety awareness campaign to communities in the 29 towns along the four project roads to minimise potential safety problems.

The road projects included in road safety audit are:

  • Bububu - Mahonda - Mkokotoni Road (31km)
  • Matemwe - Muyuni Road (8km)
  • Fuoni - Kombeni Road (9km)
  • Pale - Kiongele Road (5km)

Leveraging our national and international expertise in road safety and transport design, SMEC is also responsible for promoting road safety during the construction and operation of the project roads, and documenting lessons learned at various stages of road rehabilitation.

Key Benefits

This project aims to provide communities with smoother and safer road travel, and reduce the number and severity of road traffic related accidents. On a similar project completed in Tanzania, the number of road accidents halved in the year during which the road safety awareness campaign was conducted.

Technical Area:
Transport – Roads, Bridges and Highways
Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar