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Samalaju-Bintulu-Mukah Railway Project

Our Role

SMEC is providing detailed design works for the project. Our scope of work comprises:

  • Survey and geotechnical investigations
  • Demand analysis and operational studies
  • Land acquisition plans
  • Detailed design of rail infrastructure, bridges and associated structures
  • Hydrology, river modelling and drainage design
  • Specification of rolling stock
  • Power supply from grid to railway
  • Overhead traction system
  • Signalling and communication systems
  • Local road crossings and utility adjustments.

Project Overview

The Samalaju-Bintulu-Mukah Railway project is part of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) project.

This is the first modern railway to be commissioned in Sarawak and follows on from a previous feasibility study undertaken by SMEC in 2010.

Samalaju is one of the key growth areas of SCORE and is earmarked as a centre for heavy industries, while Mukah is designated as the administrative, research and development hub for the vast central region of Sarawak.

The Samalaju-Bintulu-Mukah rail link will enhance transportation facilities within the SCORE area, and support development of heavy industries. The line will carry mixed freight, with the potential to carry passengers in the future.

The project comprises approximately 200 km of standard gauge freight rail and associated infrastructure for Phase 1, located between Mukah and Samalaju Industrial Park.

The project involves finalising the alignment of the new 200 km long route through tough terrain with high cuts and deep embankment, with extensive soil improvement required where the route traverses soft coastal ground south of Bintulu.

Technical Area:
Bintulu Development Authority

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