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Shongtong Karcham Hydroelectric Project

Project Overview

As power demand outstrips supply in India, the need for further development of hydroelectric plants has intensified. Located in the north of the country, with the capacity to supply clean and renewable energy for more than 800,000 households, the 450MW Shongtong Karcham Hydroelectric project was initiated under a Clean Power Development program. Not only will the project provide affordable power to the residents of Himachal Pradesh, it will also export excess power to other states within India.

Key components of the project include:

  • 26m high barrage
  • Four 260 m long underground chambers
  • 7.7 km headrace tunnel
  • 110 m high and 30.6m diameter surge shaft
  • 23 m wide by 54 m high underground powerhouse

Our Role

The Shongtong Karcham Hydroelectric Project (3x150 MW) is on the river Satluj, located in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh.

  • The water conductor system comprises of an intake structure and a desilting tank with four chambers.
  • The desilted water feeds to an underground powerhouse located near Ralli village through a circular 7.7 kms long and 10m diameter HRT to generate 450 MW of power by utilizing a design head of 124.01m.
  • An underground surge shaft of 30.6 diameters will accommodate surges in case of sudden closure of the units.

SMEC’s team of hydrologists, hydraulic engineers, geotechnical and structural engineers and geologists have developed workable engineering solutions addressing significant environmental challenges. These solutions have contributed to reducing repair/reconstruction time for the cofferdam after monsoon seasons; optimising the head race tunnel; and saving construction time and costs by optimising the design of the diversion tunnel and barrage to accommodate topographical constraints and geological limitations.

Technical Area:
M/s Patel Engineering Ltd

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