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Shuaiba Port Upgrade and Expansion

Our Role

SMEC is providing design and construction supervision services for the rehabilitation, upgrade and expansion of the existing utilities and infrastructure.

Project Overview

Shuaiba Port, located 45 km south of Kuwait city, is Kuwait’s second major port for handling commercial traffic. The Port offers facilities for general cargo, containers, tankers and barges.

Shuaiba Port’s utility services were built 30 years ago and most services no longer comply with current standards and requirements. Due to the aging services and facilities of the Port and the rapid expansion of the local economy, Shuaiba Port will further upgrade its existing infrastructure.

Project scope of work includes

  • Operational problem identification
  • Evaluation of road pavement and drainage systems, salt and fresh water network and sewerage system.
  • Upgrading of an elevated water tank and new lifting stations for the sewer system
  • The provision of new substations and modifications of existing substations (to comply with latest industry standards and requirements).
Technical Area:
Kuwait Ports Authority

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