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Sindila Hydropower Project

The Problem

The project is part of the Government of Uganda’s Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariff programme.

Project Overview

The project will generate approximately 28GWh of electricity per year which will be purchased by the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) under a 20-year power purchase agreement. It will consequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 15,120 tonnes of CO2 per year based on the standard Uganda grid emissions factor.

It is an important contributor to the energy sector and economy of Uganda.

Our Role

SMEC is providing Owner’s Engineer and project management services.

SMEC provided a local Ugandan resident engineer to ensure understanding of local conditions and standards was incorporated into the project, supported by a technical review team based out of Nairobi, Kenya and a project management team based out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Key Benefits

The project has also implemented a range of socio-economic development projects in the area.

These include a stand-pipe water reticulation system for households who currently collect water from the river, a bean-planting programme and other agricultural support, anti-poaching and other measures to protect the nearby Ruwenzori Mountain National Park and a planned solar-homes programme to provide electricity to households in the vicinity of the plant.

Technical Area:
Hydropower and Dams
Butama Hydro Electricity Company

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