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Solid Waste Management System

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to prepare an integrated solid waste management system that will support the current and future demands for solid waste in the city. SMEC’s services included:

  • Feasibility studies,
  • Economic and financial analyses
  • Service delivery options
  • Implementation arrangements
  • Detailed design services
  • Cost estimates
  • Preparation of bidding documents.

SMEC also prepared Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Management Plans.

Project Overview

This project aimed to improve the overall solid waste management system in Dar es Salaam by improving the overall waste collection, disposal and management of solid waste.

As part of the program for the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project (DMDP), an improvement plan was prepared to provide a modern, effective and safe solid waste management system, ready for implementation.

The project was carried out in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Feasibility studies
  • Stage 2: Design services.
Technical Area:
Prime Minister's Office

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