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TR7/1 Okahandja – Karibib Road Upgrade

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to provide contract administration and construction supervision for the rehabilitation works.

SMEC’s scope of services included:

  • Pavement investigations
  • Material inspection
  • Preliminary and detail pavement geometric and drainage design
  • Surveying
  • Modelling and mapping.

An innovative construction sequence resulted in improved safety, capacity and reduced maintenance requirements over the pavement lifetime.

Project Overview

TR7/1 forms part of the Trans-Kalahari Highway, connecting Walvis Bay harbour to the capital Windhoek and landlocked neighbour Botswana.

The road required rehabilitation of a deteriorating pavement as well as widening and other geometric improvements to accommodate higher traffic volumes and improve road safety.

Project scope of work comprised:

  • Rehabilitation and upgrade of 112 km of rural roadway
  • Addition of 13 km of passing lanes to avoid traffic queues
  • Widening of 14 river bridges

Rehabilitation and widening through rolling terrain included construction in half-widths. An innovative design approach made it possible to add auxiliary lanes and wider surfaced shoulder at minimal additional cost without requirements for construction of a bypass. Another added benefit of the adopted design approach is the reduced requirement for maintenance over the expected life of the road.

Technical Area:
Roads Authority Namibia

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