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Taylors Quarter

Our Role

SMEC’s Urban Design team is responsible for the subdivision masterplan including street layout and lot placement, production of building envelope plans, creation of design guidelines and marketing plans for the project.

SMEC’s Landscape Architecture team is responsible for the landscape masterplan for the development and detailed design for the streetscapes and public open spaces within Taylors Quarter, detailed design and delivery.

Our urban design approach ensured that connectivity and passive surveillance were front of mind at all times. Streets have been designed to provide an efficient topography response to ensure adequate drainage as well as optimal solar orientation for housing. The design also caters for multi-functional community spaces, facilitating sustainable travel via walking and cycling, low level residential form encouraging passive surveillance, WSUD based drainage design, optimal solar orientation-based masterplan and street network design and street tree design to provide a connected shade canopy.

Unique to the project is the proposed wind-powered renewable energy servicing the neighbourhood park, one of the most unique themes ever realised in public parks not only within this local Council, City of Brimbank, but even in Australia. The concept of regenerative energy in playgrounds enables children to learn the concept of power through activities of play. The installation creates its own source of energy helping to raise awareness of broader environmental issues amongst people who live at Taylors Quarter and the existing local community in Taylors Lakes. The layout of the park also carefully considers the connectivity with the surroundings context delivering engaging areas near the existing bus stop and along the major road (McCubbin Road).

Project Overview

SMEC is working with Development Victoria on an integrated sustainable infill development in Melbourne’s north-west growth corridor. Taylors Quarter is a 171 lot development in Taylors Lakes, 23 km north-west of Melbourne. SMEC is providing landscape architecture and urban design services to this environmentally conscious development, which is also being certified as an EnviroDevelopment by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and will achieve a minimum 6-star Green Star rating for all the houses and the development.
Taylors Lakes, Victoria, Australia
Technical Area:
Urban Development
Development Victoria

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