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Telum Hydroelectric Project

Our Role

SMEC’s scope of works included:

  • Data collection and review of previous reports
  • Coordination of topographical surveys and mapping
  • Geological studies
  • Management and coordination of geotechnical site investigation, hydrological assessment and analysis
  • Planning, layout and design of main dam and other project components
  • Structural, hydraulic and transient analysis of power intake and waterways
  • Structural, civil, electromechanical and hydromechanical design of power station
  • Planning, layout and design of diversion scheme
  • Cost estimates and economical evaluation.

Project Overview

The Telum Hydroelectric Project (HEP), located on the Telum River has an installed capacity of 230 MW and will generate approximately 300 GWh of annual energy.

Power generated from Telum HEP will be evacuated and transmitted to Ulu Jelai substation via a 29 km double circuit 275 kV transmission line.

Project structures include:

  • A 112 m high concrete faced rockfill dam
  • A surface power station accommodating two 115 MW vertical axis Francis turbines
  • A reservoir with a gross storage of 2,600 Mm3
  • A two bay intake at the left hand end of the dam adjacent to a 30 m wide un-gated ogee spillway
  • Two steel surface penstocks
  • Ten saddle dams
  • A 10 km long transfer tunnel
  • A re-regulating weir on Sg. Telum, approximately 5 km downstream of the main dam.
Technical Area:
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

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