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Thermal Dynamic Recovery Facility

Our Role

SMEC provided specialist assistance with the re-design and re-commissioning of the facility.

SMEC’s services included:

  • Assistance in process re-design including electrical, mechanical and power components
  • Project management of testing and commissioning
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning of modifications and re-design

Project Overview

World Oasis developed a full scale prototype Thermal Dynamic Recovery (TDR) Pyrolysis facility at Tuas, however, the facility had never been fully commissioned.

The TDR process is a prototype low temperature closed cycle method of recovering energy and water from organic matter. The low operating temperatures and lack of oxygen required for the process enable it to supplement conventional incineration technologies such as waste-to-energy facilities and furnace facilities.

The TDR technology can be applied to waste reduction, gas production, electricity generation and water recovery projects.

Technical Area:
World Oasis Engineering Pte Ltd

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