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Third Road Upgrading Project

Our Role

SMEC was engaged as an independent expert consultant to review project contracts and ensure compliance with Asian Development Bank (ADB) requirements.

SMEC provided a review of five separate contracts with particular focus on:

  • comparison of the major units costs of the winning bidders
  • assessment of the industrial database for the valuation of similar civil works items
  • valuation of completed works based on the contract specifications, experience and expertise, verification of works in line with the contract specifications

Project Overview

The overall objective of the Third Road Upgrading Project was to improve the efficiency of road sector services through increased private sector participation and improved management of road assets and sector resources.

The project focused on the upgrade of 100 km of gravel roads, rehabilitation of 80 km of existing seal pavements and road safety improvements.

Key to the project was a technical audit which was undertaken to ensure compliance with Asian Development Bank (ADB) requirements.

Technical Area:
Transport / Education Governance & Government Advisory
International Risk Limited

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