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Transport Sector Support Program

Our Role

SMEC was engaged as the Implementing Service Provider (ISP) to deliver public sector management, planning and implementation of program activities.This includes:
  • Provision of advice and training
  • Capacity building and technical assistance
  • Monitoring and evaluation of program outputs and activities
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Detailed reporting
As part of the TSSP, SMEC supports the Department of Works to manage the directly sub-contracted Bougainville Management and Supervision Consultancy Project, the Ramu Scoping and Design Study and the Manus Road Rehabilitation Project.

Project Overview

The Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP) is part of a long-term commitment by the Australian Government to support the Government of Papua New Guinea to achieve a well-maintained transport infrastructure networkThe goal of the TSSP is to ensure improved governance and performance in the Government of Papua New Guinea’s delivery of transport infrastructure services. This will be achieved through: effective public sector management; technical capacity building; and institutional strengthening.The main objectives of the TSSP are to:
  • Support operational reform in the transport sector
  • Strengthen links between transport sector agencies and central agencies
  • Support improved performance of provincial, district and local level governments to deliver transport services
  • Support delivery of an affordable, contestable and prioritised national transport network.

Papua New Guinea
Technical Area:
Education, Governance and Government Advisory
The Australian Government

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