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Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project

Our Role

SMEC completed the tender and detail design of the project and is currently providing construction supervision and project management services for the project.

SMEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Detail design of civil works
  • Review and approval of electrical and mechanical plant and equipment
  • Contract management and construction supervision
  • Quality control
  • Witnessing of factory testing of main plant
  • Supervision of plant installation
  • Claim management
  • Commissioning

In September 2015, the final cubic mete of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) was placed in the 84 m high Susu Dam of the Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project (HEP) in Malaysia.

Project Overview

The 372 MW Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project (HEP) is located on the Bertam River in the Cameron Highlands of West Malaysia.

The main features of the development are:

  • The 84 m high Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) Susu Dam with 1.3 million m3 embankment volume incorporating a 100 m wide ungated spillway and 2 deep sluice gates for the excavation of sediment.
  • Diversion weirs on the Telom and Lemoi rivers for the transfer of water to Susu Dam
  • 20 m high intake tower with 8 intake orifices and 4 gated conduits
  • Telanok Underground Power Station housing 2 vertical Francis turbo-generators of 186 MW capacity
  • 22 km of tunnels

Once commissioned, the Ulu Jelai HEP will contribute 326 GWh of peak energy annually to Malaysia’s power supply system.

Technical Area:
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

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