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Universal Electrification Access Program

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to carry out the ESIE of the Program, design an Impact Evaluation Strategy (IES) to assess Program benefits, and provide knowledge transfer to employees within the UEAP’s Socioeconomic Monitoring and Evaluation Group.

SMEC’s scope of work included:

  • Field surveys to assess the impact of UEAP
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Surveys of over 20,000 households
  • Reviewing links of UEAP with other institutions, departments and programs
  • Compiling findings and providing policy recommendations
  • Designing strategic framework
  • Training and capacity building of the UEAP employees.

Project Overview

The Universal Electrification Access Program (UEAP) is an initiative by the Government of Ethiopia to increase electricity access to all regional states of the country, thereby improving quality of life and reducing poverty.

To evaluate the impact of UEAP on development, an Economic and Social Impact Evaluation (ESIE) was undertaken, which covered nine regions of Ethiopia, 78 districts and over 1,250 villages.

The ESIE assessed the economic and social conditions in rural Ethiopia in order to later evaluate the direct and indirect benefits of the Program on the local rural population.

Technical Area:
Government of Ethiopia

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