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Uttarakhand Power Sector Investment Program

Our Role

SMEC was responsible for all consulting activities, including:

  • Specialist engineering advice on geotechnical aspects, hydrology and hydraulics for four small hydropower projects
  • Project monitoring during implementation of the small hydropower projects
  • Specialist advice in the supervision of pre-commissioning and commissioning of the transmission lines and substations
  • Assistance in ensuring implementation of environmental and social safeguards in accordance with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Resettlement Framework (RF), Resettlement Plan (RP) and Indigenous People Framework
  • Review of bidding documents and technical specifications for the 400/220 kV transmission lines and substations

Project Overview

This Program aims was to contribute to economic development through physical investment in hydroelectric power generating facilities and transmission expansion in order to meet the State’s growing demand for electricity supply.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project comprises the construction of four small hydropower projects (4 MW Kaliganga I, 6 MW Kaliganga II, 10 MW Madhyamaheshwar and 9 MW Kaldigad), three 400 kV and two 220 kV transmission lines and two 400 kV substations.

The Program will ensure environmental and social safeguards are implemented in accordance with Environmental Management Plans.

Technical Area:
Uttarakhand Energy Department and the Government of Uttarakhand

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