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West Gate Distributor – Shepherds Bridge

Our Role

SMEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Design of strengthening works on the existing road bridge
  • Structural and geotechnical design of the new pedestrian bridge
  • Design of road, civil and drainage works
  • Geotechnical engineering services
  • Landscape design to deliver enhanced streetscape and road reserves

Bridge designs will incorporate steel I-girder beams that provide strong aesthetic links to the area’s surrounding port and industrial facilities.

To enhance street scapes, tall native tress will be planted on either side of the river to provide a canopy with stark trunks, creating a gateway between east and west. Planted road medians and verges will be created to provide an important aesthetic green barrier for pedestrians.

The project includes the first use of weathering steel in a structural application in Victoria (second use in Australia).

This project is being undertaken in a complex brownfields environment in inner Melbourne with an extremely high volume of heavy truck movements.

Project Overview

Shepherds Bridge is currently used by more than 40,000 vehicles per day (including 8,000 trucks), and is a critical freight link to the Port of Melbourne. The bridge also forms part of the only off-road bicycle trail between Melbourne’s Central Business District and the western suburbs, attracting more than 1,000 cyclists daily.

Stage 1 of the West Gate Distributor will provide improved travel for local traffic, pedestrians and cyclists and better access to and from the Port of Melbourne.

Project works include:

  • Widening of the existing Shepherds Bridge crossing the Maribyrnong River from four to six lanes
  • Construction of a new 190 m long bridge dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Conversion of Moreland Street into a four-lane divided road
  • Installation of new traffic signals at three intersections
  • Enhancing the natural environment to improve commuter experience.
Technical Area:

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