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Zambezi River Bridge

Our Role

SMEC played a major role on this project by identifying a suitable remote site, performing a feasibility study including hydraulic, geotechnical, materials and traffic investigations and producing the final design and tender documentation for the bridge. SMEC was also engaged to assist in construction monitoring and site supervision.

Project Overview

The 19 span Zambezi River Bridge, which crosses the largest river in Southern Africa, was constructed using the Incremental Launching method (successive sliding of the completed, stressed together, segments over the piers until the completed deck reaches its final position). The deck of the bridge is a 3.5 m concrete box girder, internally pre-stressed for launching and with external pre-stressing for traffic loading. The bridge was designed for a 100 year return period flood of 9,280 m3/s and for creep and shrinkage values 80% higher than normal.

Technical Area:
Department of Transport

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