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Zibambele Program

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SMEC was appointed by eThekwini Municipality for the Management, Administration and Support of the Zibambele Poverty Alleviation Program for a period of 3 years. This appointment followed the successful management of the Programme during 2011 to 2014.

The management of the Program was bolstered by the Zibambele Management System (ZMS) which has evolved from its implementation on the previous appointment. This innovative management solution was utilised to efficiently manage and monitor the outputs of the Program.

Project Overview

The Zibambele Program (piloted by the Department of Transport) is designed to provide sustainable work opportunities to disadvantaged families in South Africa. Falling under the banner of the Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP), the Program provides the opportunity for its beneficiaries to gain an income and acquire skills through training on road maintenance.

The Program creates meaningful work for female-headed households, while addressing fundamental objectives of the Government of South Africa, through the maintenance of the eThekwini Municipality rural road network (and other assets). Through the Program, households are engaged to undertake maintenance activities on an assigned length of road. Currently, approximately 6,500 households are working with the Program, equating to 2,500 km of the eThekwini road network. The Program will pay households for two days (of work) each week to perform their road maintenance tasks.

Selected by the community, a household is employed on a 12-month contract. Upon expiry, the community opts to renew or discontinue the agreement based on performance, eligibility (in terms of a means test) and approval (of the area committee structures).

“The Zibambele Program creates meaningful work and enhances human dignity associated with being gainfully employed. Zibambele is a wonderful example of how a program designed to alleviate poverty can be gender affirmative, employ the neediest and still be successful in delivering a basic level of service in a cost effective manner,” said Mr. Mark Tomlinson, eThekwini Project Manager, Roads and Stormwater Maintenance.

Based on its success within the KwaZulu‑Natal province, future plans are being considered to implement the Program nationally.

South Africa
Technical Area:
Education, Governance and Government Advisory
eThekwini Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal

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