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eInspection Mobility Solutions for Airport Maintenance Operations

Our Role

Our role comprised the development of the customised central system, eInspection mobility solutions, to consolidate user feedback and route to the correct officer for their necessary action.

Project Overview

The aim of this project was to improve Facilities Management (FM) operations through the use of eInspection mobility solutions, replacing the existing manual paper and pen method. This has since been extended across a number of divisions, including Commercial, Airside, Horticulture, Airport Emergency Services and Engineering.

With the implementation of a preventive maintenance module, FM officers can plan for routine maintenance works and track the building components due for cyclical replacement or servicing. The system also triggers automatic reminders and escalations for these scheduled tasks.

Since the roll out of the eInspection mobility system, repairs at Changi Airport are now carried out more promptly and tracked consistently to ensure that faults are rectified.

Technical Area:
Management Services
Changi Airport Group

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