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Hydraulic Modelling of Vital Water Project

Our Role

SMEC International was contracted to provide consultant services for the physical mapping, distribution system conditions assessment and hydraulic modelling for the recipient client, the Guma Valley Water Company.

Project Overview

The Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC), situated in Freetown, Sierra Leone is responsible for managing the supply of water to Freetown’s rapidly growing urban population, but has been working with an outdated infrastructure that was built for half the current population’s needs.

Over the past decades, Freetown has grown rapidly to about 2 million people, mainly as a result of rural-urban migration due to the 10 year civil war. Because of current water demands, the city is on a water rationing schedule with some parts only receiving water two to three days per week. The water system required upgrading and a replacement strategy. For this a hydraulic model was required to understand hydraulic constraints.

As part of the SMEC International team, working closely with condition assessment experts from the United States, health and safety experts from Ghana and GIS experts from Morocco, SMEC South Africa undertook the hydraulic modelling assignment on this project. Stefan Pike, a young engineer from the Durban office, spent several weeks in Freetown during April/May 2018 undertaking flow and pressure logging of the pipe network. At the same time he included training of some of the client’s personnel.

South Africa
Technical Area:
Water & Environment
Millenium Challenge Corporation

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