Smart Cities

With over half of the world’s population living in urban areas, and that number predicted to grow significantly in the next 20-25 years, it is essential that urban infrastructure and services are built, organised and managed efficiently by combining city management with smart technology.

We strive to build on the traditional urban master plans and embed the strategies of how planned physical infrastructure can be monitored and managed with simple technology solutions.

We have capitalised on our experience providing engineering and consulting services to the lifecycle of built environment projects to develop technologies and systems to address four key areas of urban living: Sustainability, Efficiency, People and Security.

Our solutions include:

  • Planning and Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • Smart City in a Box, an integrated solutions platform that allows city officials to monitor city traffic conditions, security, energy efficiency, predict lift breakdowns and control lighting and air conditioning through one integrated solutions platform.

We undertake a five-stage process on all city management and Smart City projects, comprising:

Evaluation: we assess the maturity of the city in terms of:

Sustainability: The city’s ability to balance its current social, economic and environmental needs without compromising the needs of future generations

Efficiency: The city’s overall infrastructure effectiveness and associated operations

People: Provision of quality services to residents

Security: Risks of scarcity of supply, environmental disruptions and attacks.

Recommendation: We provide consultancy services to recommend master planning solutions and the appropriate services providers.

Planning: We work closely with our client to plan for the various steps and activities that are required to move towards effective city management.

Implementation: We implement the selected modules from ‘Smart City in a Box’ requirements.

Management: Working with the city, we monitor and manage the entire operation of urban services.