Asset & Integrity Management

SMEC’s Asset & Integrity Management team specialises in global operations and maintenance, supported by in-house design and engineering capabilities and tools, to provide a complete set of end-to-end overall asset integrity solutions.

For over 40 years we have been delivering complex assets and solutions in highly technical and regulated environments.

When working on specialist asset and integrity management initiatives and related projects our clients benefit and are supported by our front end technical capability. This approach has led to the development of best practice and world-class processes, systems and technology in a broad range of industry sectors to help clients unlock the hidden potential and reduce costs in assets.

We work to achieve:

  • Increased plant & asset availability
  • Measurable safety & integrity
  • Optimised expenditure

Our Services

Our asset management services offer the optimum balance between risk, performance and cost for clients. These services are complemented by our extensive engineering expertise, allowing asset and integrity management solutions to be developed and incorporated at one or every stage of a development’s life cycle.

This differentiates SMEC from other asset management service providers.

Asset & Integrity Health Check

An asset health check is a vital process to provide clients with data on the asset’s operational and technical integrity, rank its performance and detect any immediate or future enhancements required.

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Asset Integrity Framework

To support clients with the assurance of asset, integrity and safety standards it is critically important to embed technical and operational frameworks, coupled with the required operational processes to assure robust levels of integrity.

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Process Optimisation & Efficiency

Business and operational processes are adjusted to achieve sustainable optimal performance to deliver reductions in operational capital expenditure and maximise production efficiencies.

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Benchmarking & Analysis

Looking at gaps and improvements in both safety and performance and comparing the results against industry best practices, peers and other market data to determine focus areas of improvement.

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Inventory, Materials & Spares Management

Ensures materials and spares are aligned to maintenance and safety criticality to avoid unplanned downtime, reduce costs and optimise spares inventory.

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Maintenance & Reliability Optimisation

A systematic suite of activities will improve and enhance safety, equipment reliability and productivity through efficient and cost effective maintenance planning. We deep dive into efficiency and effectiveness of our customer’s maintenance programs to develop focused and strategic optimised maintenance strategies.

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Operations & Maintenance

Our multidiscipline operations and maintenance execution and support services deliver safe, more predictable and efficient operation for clients across a range of industries.

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Operational Readiness

Ensures critical activities are planned and executed from the beginning of the asset life cycle through to a steady state of operations and production.

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Key Contacts


Thomas Hynes
Chief Operating Officer - Asset Management


Ian Spenceley
Executive General Manager, Operations & Maintenance - Global


Rod Bird
Executive General Manager, Defence - Global


Craig Shelton
National Manager, Asset Management - Australia & New Zealand


Ronald Galisky
President, Asset Management - Americas


Greg Palmer

General Manager, Asset Management - Africa