Governance and Institutional Strengthening

SMEC has extensive experience in government and institutional strengthening projects, having worked with both private and public sector organisations within a range of organisational cultures.

These projects have helped to improve the capacity of organisations to deliver more effective and efficient programs and services.

Sustainable and effective governance and institutional strengthening is achieved through innovative development programs and skills training.

We believe that corporate governance should incorporate the key principles of honesty, trust and integrity, openness, performance orientation, responsibility and accountability, mutual respect and commitment to the organisation.

At SMEC, we provide detailed assessments, restructuring and on-going implementation of corporate governance systems and principles for government organisations.

We draw on the skills, knowledge and experience of our multi-disciplinary teams to provide tailored services, including:

  • Corporate performance review
  • Corporate governance structures and processes
  • Development and improvement of corporate structures
  • Establishment of processes to oversee governance of entities
  • Inter-governmental relations
  • Needs analysis and program design
  • Community engagement and participation programs
  • Institutional, human resources and financial strengthening
  • Monitoring of legislation and regulations
  • Establishment of transparent and accountable administration
  • Organisational development
  • Promotion of strong civic leadership