SMEC understands that the contamination of land, sediments, surface water and groundwater is an important human health, environmental and economic issue.

Our urban project experience extends to a range of contamination assessment, land management, sediment, surface water and groundwater projects.

We have the expertise needed to provide remedial solutions to contamination issues including hazardous materials, fuel leakages, landfilling, chemical manufacturing, acid rock drainage, mining, agriculture, waste disposal and radiation.

Through our team of environmental scientists, engineers, hydrologists, chemists, hydrogeologists, ecologists and toxicologists, we strive to develop contamination solutions that protect natural resources across a range of built environments.

Our contamination services are all encompassing and include:

  • Due diligence audits
  • Investigation and assessment of land, sediments, water, groundwater and air
  • Human health and environmental risk assessments
  • Remediation action plans
  • Preparation of environmental management plans