Through our team of urban designers and architects, town planners and landscape architects, transport planners, engineers and technical specialists, we work collaboratively to offer practical and innovative masterplan solutions to our clients.

At SMEC, we have demonstrated experience delivering large scale strategic masterplans for local government areas, greenfield and brownfield sites, residential estate design and structure plans for townships.

We tailor our masterplan proposals to address the complex challenges faced by urban development projects.

Working in partnership with all stakeholders, we ensure our proposals address sustainable development, economic viability and the protection of natural resources, while at all times keeping the current and future needs of the community at the forefront.

We deliver design excellence through our integrated service offering, which includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies and site assessment
  • Urban renewal
  • Urban design frameworks
  • Traffic and transport planning
  • Planning regulations
  • Sustainability framework
  • Community and stakeholder engagement