Urban Planning

SMEC’s urban planning services span a wide range of project types and markets including metropolitan and regional developments, infrastructure projects, growth area estate design and implementation, settlement and growth area structure planning and major urban renewal projects.

Our planners have expert knowledge of local planning provisions and long established relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers in the planning and approvals process. This knowledge adds significant value to the planning process across all projects.

Clients benefit from our urban planning expertise, provided as both a stand-alone and an integrated service delivery model, including urban and landscape design and engineering services.

We strive to exceed client expectations on all projects and have a long and proud history of successfully delivering a range of urban planning projects including a number of high profile legacy projects for both the public and private sectors.

We provide a full suite of urban planning services, which include:

  • Preliminary feasibility studies and due diligence
  • Planning advisory services
  • Approval pathway mapping
  • Planning scheme amendments (including to re-zone land)
  • Strategic policy development
  • Planning permit applications
  • Advocacy/representation at appeals and panels
  • Growth area and settlement structure planning
  • Negotiation and issue resolution
  • Community and stakeholder consultation