Water & Environment

SMEC is recognised around the world for delivering sustainable water solutions across every aspect of the water cycle, and the provision of environmentally sustainable services for projects worldwide.

At SMEC, we offer a range of water and environmental services, both independently, and in conjunction with other disciplines, and have successfully applied this multidisciplinary approach to some of the largest water and environment projects around the world.

We understand the importance of water and environmental resources and draw on the skills of our global team of designers, planners and engineers to provide cost-effective, innovative and sustainable solutions through all stages of a water and environment project.

Our expertise in water infrastructure is enhanced by long-standing associations with internationally recognised advisors, associations and educational institutions. We work with governments, local authorities, water companies and developers to ensure that water resources are harnessed, collected, treated and delivered; and that wastewater is collected, treated and disposed or recycled. Our environmentally sustainable services for infrastructure projects, balance the competing demands of the community, the environment and economic viability, and working closely with clients and communities, we ensure the preservation of natural environments during every stage of the project.

Our technical knowledge and experience culminates in the highest standard of care and advice in protecting the environment and we will continue to invest in research, development and new technology to enhance our current service offering and provide an improved water supply to communities worldwide.

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SMEC balances the competing demands of the community, the environment and a project’s economic costs and benefits to achieve the best possible social impact outcomes in the infrastructure, resources, energy and environment sectors.

Harpley Estate

SMEC is proving engineering, planning and surveying services on this project. Working in partnership with Lend Lease Communities, SMEC has addressed a number of engineering challenges on the project and continues to deliver to tight time frames.

Water sensitive urban design is practiced throughout the estate through bioretention swales, rain gardens and wetlands.

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