Environment Planning & Assessment

SMEC is committed to developing quality environmental outcomes that balance the short-term needs of projects with the long-term needs of the environment.

With experience in the provision of environmentally sustainable services for infrastructure projects, we are adept at addressing the competing demands of the community, the environment and economic viability.

We draw on the skills and experience of our technical experts to provide our clients with the full spectrum of environmental services. These services include: identifying, assessing and managing environmental impacts; managing environmental data within Geographic Information Systems (GIS); ecology services; environmental planning and permit procedures; ensuring compliance with legislation, conditions of permits and licenses.

Our environment planning and assessment services can be provided independently, or in conjunction with other sectors including transport, water, mining, buildings and urban development and energy and renewables.

Our environment planning and assessment capabilities cover the fields of:

  • Physical and earth sciences
  • Water sciences
  • Marine, coastal, freshwater and terrestrial ecological sciences
  • Environmental impact
  • Land management
  • Contamination and waste management
  • Socio-economics
  • Environmental auditing
  • Design and planning