SMEC offers an integrated approach to hydrogeological assessment and has a thorough understanding of the natural processes of groundwater recharge, flow and chemical evolution.

Our team of water engineers are highly experienced in the fields of hydrologic analysis and hydraulic modelling.

SMEC is at the forefront of modern processes for groundwater evaluation, exploitation and protection, and utilise this knowledge to provide innovative, cost-effective and appropriate hydrogeological solutions on all projects.

We combine our specialised services of hydrogeological mapping and investigation, groundwater monitoring, licensing and groundwater management plans, with our skills and experience in flood estimation, mapping, modelling and mitigation to ensure all project outcomes are cost effective and meet risk management and environmental requirements.

Our experience in the field of hydrogeology extends to:

  • Groundwater field exploration
  • Geophysical assessment
  • Drilling techniques
  • Borehole construction and testing
  • Aquifer testing and assessment
  • Analytical and numerical modelling
  • Regulatory agency compliance