SMEC specialises in the design and implementation of best practice irrigation systems and has delivered irrigation projects in developed and developing countries, both as complete projects and as components of multipurpose schemes.

As demand for irrigation continues to rise, improved irrigation systems and infrastructure is essential. Our engineers and irrigation experts have in-depth knowledge of the irrigation sector and are dedicated to delivering quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that add value to client requirements.

Best practise methods are used to plan, size, optimise, control and prepare detailed designs of pump stations, pipe networks and open channel irrigation systems.

SMEC’s capabilities in irrigation have been established and refined through research and development conducted in direct association with water and irrigation authorities and utility providers.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Crop water and irrigation demand studies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies
  • GIS modelling and decision support systems
  • Water use efficiency and productivity analysis
  • Water quality analysis and planning
  • Irrigation master planning and policy framework development
  • Irrigation and drainage structure design