Natural Resource Management

SMEC specialises in all areas of natural resource management, including the planning and permitting related to legislation for the protection of terrestrial and aquatic species and their habitats.

We have a demonstrated history of working with land management agencies, water authorities, planning authorities, local government and the broader community to better understand and manage natural resources.

Integrated natural resource management is essential for long term sustainability of our natural environment and we are experienced at balancing the competing needs of projects with the long term needs of the environment.

Our team of planners, ecologists and botanists believe that understanding and managing ecosystem links and interactions is the key to successful natural resource management.

Our core service offering has been developed and refined to protect natural resources and exceed client expectations, including:

  • Biodiversity strategies
  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecological survey, monitoring, analysis and assessment
  • Catchment, riparian and water quality management
  • Vegetation condition mapping
  • Flora and fauna impact assessments
  • Risk assessments and mitigation
  • Resource policy management and evaluation
  • Environmental flows
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement