Stormwater Management

At SMEC, we are committed to developing cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and community-based stormwater management and pollution prevention solutions.

Our experience in stormwater management is extensive, with project delivery comprising local drainage designs through to major stormwater infrastructure schemes, in developed and developing countries worldwide.

We understand the key to stormwater management is adequate provision for the collection and transmission of stormwater runoff, and strive to incorporate urbanisation impacts, flood management, ecosystem protection, ‘natural’ system design replication and water quality management into all stormwater management projects.

Through our global network, we provide a full service offering for stormwater management including:

  • Hydrologic data collection and assessment
  • Rainfall runoff and stochastic modelling
  • Flood hydrology and hydraulic modelling
  • Sedimentation and sediment transport
  • Wetland and stormwater drainage design
  • Urban stormwater master plans
  • Floodplain and flood hazard mapping
  • Reservoir modelling
  • Risk assessment