Ports and Marine

At SMEC, we have more than 40 years’ experience in ports, coastal and maritime infrastructure engineering, and provide a full range of investigation and design support services to the ports sector.

Our team of experienced engineers, scientists and planners apply up-to-date technologies related to port efficiency, shipping operations, navigation aids, cargo handling equipment, small craft operations, coastal processes and coastal protection on all port and marine projects.

Our experience extends through all aspects of port design and civil works, including: terminal platforms, access roads, drainage, erosion control, fuel storage and handling facilities, water supply and wastewater treatment and general infrastructure.

We have successfully completed projects on container, multi-purpose and inland port facilities worldwide and provide a range of specialised services to the ports sector.

Our services to the ports sector include:

  • Port planning and design
  • Beach erosion and water quality studies
  • Maritime operations analysis
  • Environmental services and engineering
  • Dredging and reclamation
  • Structural assessment of existing facilities
  • Asset management
  • Operations and maintenance

These services cover container and general cargo terminals, dry bulk terminals, oil and gas terminals, marina and small craft facilities, and barge unloading and bulk carrier loading structures.